The Story of An Entrepreneur 



I am proud to be a farmer. My journey to entrepreneurship and to farming precisely began with a course that I almost failed in school, the topic was the contribution of third world countries to the world economy, in the topic I discovered that in any commodity mentioned if Nigeria is not the first it will be second.  I couldn’t believe this, until I came back to Nigeria for break and discovered it is true, so I promised my self to become a farmer. When I came back finally to Nigeria 2010, I went for NYSC and I was posted to Wamba lga in Nasarawa State, and guess what one day my students went to visit a fish farm and I followed them to see a new place, on getting there I was amassed.  The farm is as big as a community, all was ponds and dams, so after the visit I came back to see the manager if could be one of his boys.  At long run he agreed and I  was with him for months. 
After my service year,  I stayed for another 15 months, in the village to explore it more. How could I raise fund? A million dollars question. One day I was reading on internet how to start a business with zero dollar. I mobilized some of my students and I told them to help me get a land to farm, the children went to meet their village head and at the end guess what I was offered hectares of land. I later used selling point of mobilization I met with the head of Nigerian prison service in Wamba that I need some inmates to help clear and farm a land.  The man granted my wish and I farmed hectares of land with maize. The man granted my wish and I farmed hectares of land with maize. At the end I got bags of maize which I sold and I made some money. Then the money I made from maize I reinvest it in fish farming. That was when I came to Abuja. I rented a farm for this porpose. 

Today our head office is in Gora town, along Abuja  Keffi road. Our company name is now Green Diplomacy Farms  Registered. We also have cassava farm in Ogun State, and we have staffs.  In short this is the MD of Green Diplomacy Farms all is by his grace. 


By: Hassan Ibrahim Yusuf. 


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