Do you know that having money is not the problem rather having the right knowledge of money is the main issue? When you’re not financially disciplined, it becomes a problem with financial management. We will talk about financial discipline under financial knowledge education which is a course on its own and I will talk more about it later.

Financial security restricts you because it takes care of your immediate needs but can’t sustain you if you suddenly stop doing what generates the income and that’s the reason why you’re so scared of losing your job with the threat of there’s no job outside there. People under this umbrella are employees and self-employed.

Financial freedom grants you unlimited access to wealthy life as you will not only take care of your immediate needs but also be ready and willing to impact positively in the lives of people around you. If you peradventure stop being actively involved in what generate money you will still be financially gallant for over 10years of life. People under this umbrella are Business owners and Investors.



Universal wealth system

Under wealth system we have passive income and active income, we should all be driving towards passive income in order to live a fulfilled life, and there are 5 universal sources of passive income just as listed below:

  1. Real estate, the reward from real estate is called rent.
  2. Paper investment, you can choose to go international market if you are not comfortable with your local stock markets and the reward from paper investment is dividend or interest.
  3. Automated business, this type of business keeps going even in the absence of the business owner for years, the reward here is called directors salary, bonus, shares or dividend.
  4. Intellectual property, we classify investors, writers, singers, designers and lots more, under this category the reward here is called royalty/proceeds.

Note: The above 4 all need solid capital to venture into, but there’s the last and also the 5th one which can accommodate both big, small great and mighty which is

  1. Network marketing, because this one accommodates all kinds of people and requires little or no expertise to be part of, as you learn on the job, we will be discussing it in brief. The reward from N.M is earnings and commissions.


Network marketing/ Affiliate marketing

Network marketing is a business module and not a company rather different great companies adopt this business module which compensates you each time you refer people to join the company as affiliates, refer people to buy their products or use their service.

Network marketing is a system that aids the distribution of goods and services directly from a company through her affiliates or distributors to the end users.

How does it work?

  1. You join a N.M company, experience their product or service and understand how they compensate you if you share the opportunity.
  2. You share the benefit of the product/services with everyone with passion and get paid commissions.
  3. You connect, sponsor or enroll quality people like yourself to do exactly what you are doing and get paid commissions on their business activities as they earn theirs.
  4. You continue to coach them and be teachable yourself.


Will it work for you?

  1. If you are in dire need of changing your financial situation.
  2. If you’re genuinely willing to help others succeed.


What do you need to make it work for you?

  1. Find a good company with a product or service that is in high demand e.g. Airtime, internet data, food etc. understand their vision.
  2. Attend their business training and understand as much as you can before sharing the opportunity.
  3. Be teachable.
  4. Read wide about other industry leaders and get a mentor.

To gain more knowledge about network marketing read…Understand the power of network marketing by Adeyinka Adekunle.

There are companies which adopted this network marketing module over the years and are still in existence with quality products examples are Forever living products, Edmark, Aliance in motion, Trevo, Amway.


For the purpose of this presentation we will be dwelling on Digital Technology Company which provides a global platform for people’s daily activities which is Piuni.

Below is a screen shot from one of the account belonging to an affiliate in Piuni depicting the income generated on Piuni platform, your income in Piuni  can be determined by how serious and willing you’re to do business.



At the commencing stage of this presentation we made mention of financial education right? I still remember, so to be part of this course you must 1st of all sign up with Piuni and you have do so through me or any affiliate directly in my team to be able to have access to this value of financial knowledge. I really appreciate your audience and will be glad if you share this value with your friends. Always remember to be a solution to your generation and to be that you must have to discover yourself, check on this site for a guide on how to discover yourself.




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