Do you know that having money is not the problem rather having the right knowledge of money is the main issue? When you’re not financially disciplined, it becomes a problem with financial management. We will talk about financial discipline under financial knowledge education which is a course on its own and I will talk more about it later.

Financial security restricts you because it takes care of your immediate needs but can’t sustain you if you suddenly stop doing what generates the income and that’s the reason why you’re so scared of losing your job with the threat of there’s no job outside there. People under this umbrella are employees and self-employed.

Financial freedom grants you unlimited access to wealthy life as you will not only take care of your immediate needs but also be ready and willing to impact positively in the lives of people around you. If you peradventure stop being actively involved in what generate money you will still be financially gallant for over 10years of life. People under this umbrella are Business owners and Investors.



Universal wealth system

Under wealth system we have passive income and active income, we should all be driving towards passive income in order to live a fulfilled life, and there are 5 universal sources of passive income just as listed below:


  1. Real estate, the reward from real estate is called rent. Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-22-10-1
  2. Paper investment, you can choose to go international market if you are not comfortable with your local stock markets and the reward from paper investment is dividend or interest. Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-22-15-1
  3. Automated business, this type of business keeps going even in the absence of the business owner for years, the reward here is called directors salary, bonus, shares or dividend. Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-22-19-1
  4. Intellectual property, we classify investors, writers, singers, designers and lots more, under this category the reward here is called royalty/proceeds. Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-22-23-1

Note: The above 4 all need solid capital to venture into, but there’s the last and also the 5th one which can accommodate both big, small great and mighty which is

  1. Network marketing, because this one accommodates all kinds of people and requires little or no expertise to be part of, as you learn on the job, we will be discussing it in brief. The reward from N.M is earnings and commissions. Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-22-28-1


Network marketing/ Affiliate marketing

Network marketing is a business module and not a company rather different great companies adopt this business module which compensates you each time you refer people to join the company as affiliates, refer people to buy their products or use their service.

Network marketing is a system that aids the distribution of goods and services directly from a company through her affiliates or distributors to the end users.

How does it work?

  1. You join a N.M company, experience their product or service and understand how they compensate you if you share the opportunity.
  2. You share the benefit of the product/services with everyone with passion and get paid commissions.
  3. You connect, sponsor or enroll quality people like yourself to do exactly what you are doing and get paid commissions on their business activities as they earn theirs.
  4. You continue to coach them and be teachable yourself.


Will it work for you?

  1. If you are in dire need of changing your financial situation.
  2. If you’re genuinely willing to help others succeed.


What do you need to make it work for you?

  1. Find a good company with a product or service that is in high demand e.g. Airtime, internet data, food etc. understand their vision.
  2. Attend their business training and understand as much as you can before sharing the opportunity.
  3. Be teachable.
  4. Read wide about other industry leaders and get a mentor.

To gain more knowledge about network marketing read…Understand the power of network marketing by Adeyinka Adekunle.

There are companies which adopted this network marketing module over the years and are still in existence with quality products examples are Forever living products, Edmark, Aliance in motion, Trevo, Amway. Screenshot_2017-09-12-20-43-00-1


For the purpose of this presentation we will be dwelling on Digital Technology Company which provides a global platform for people’s daily activities which is Piuni. Screenshot_2017-09-12-20-43-05-1

Below is a screen shot from one of the account belonging to an affiliate in Piuni depicting the income generated on Piuni platform, your income in Piuni  can be determined by how serious and willing you’re to do business. Screenshot_2017-09-12-20-43-27-1


Piuni is a virtual (global) mobile top up and bill payment platform.

~ Piuni is a platform where people recharge their airtime globally via top up

~ Piuni is a platform where people pay for different kinds of bills globally.

So what is the opportunity here?

Piuni is a system designed to eliminate poverty and transfer wealth to the next generation.

I love citing example with facebook and Alibaba because it took the guys nothing less than 3 years to become known, during those period of building up many giant companies were looking down on them, many despised the opportunity of investing in them because they were too short sighted to fore see the vision behind the both companies, Jack Ma even talked about how he made no profit at the initial stage of his ecommerce business but today he is the richest man in china. What are these too companies doing? They are filling a gap using technology to create platform for various activities.

Like I said earlier Piuni is a system designed to eliminate poverty and transfer wealth to the next generation. How?

  1. Through Retailing using universal bill platform- Piuni is a platform for virtual (global) mobile top up and bill payment- Piuni retail to her customers through her affiliate’s links like As customers use such links, Piuni affiliates like me get paid from the interest generated from every transactions carried out on my link. In retailing Piuni I get paid commissions in dollars depending on my registration package ranging from 30%, 40% and 50%.
  2. Through selling Piuni business opportunity- Being a system, Piuni pays me when I share the business opportunity with friends just as am sharing with you so when I introduce another affiliate (people who are ready to do real business not people who are lazy) to her system, Piuni pays me. In this second part of the game, Piuni does not just pay her affiliate for connecting another affiliates but also pays the 1st affiliate on all the activities of the 2nd affiliates including the retailing activities till the eight generation downward and this makes it a system. There is much to this second part which I believe that if you’re really ready to do business you will get to understand better after you must have registered with the company.


Ways to partner with Piuni

  1. Basic Affiliate- This package is for students and low income earners or youth corpers. This affiliate earns 30% of the interest generated through his/her unique link. Registration fee is $140.
  2. Premium Affiliate- This package is for people ready to do business from any part of the world. This affiliate earns 40% of the interest generated through his/her unique link. Registration fee is $540 and also remember to add your country’s VAT.
  3. Entrepreneur Affiliate- This package is for serious entrepreneurs who wish to do business in a big way and always enjoy having the larger share. This affiliate earns 50% of the interest generated through his/her unique link. Registration fee is $1840, always remember to add your country’s VAT.

To check your country’s VAT use check VAT. There is opportunity for you to secure more than one account as much as even seven accounts. This is a genuine business that understand the game of numbers.


How to register

  1. You can register by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +2347031003711 or getting back to the person who sent you to this site.
  2. You can register online by clicking here.
  3. In the process of this registration choose a unique username as you want it to be added to you link.
  4. Your password must contain a figure, special character, uppercase and lowercase.
  5. While entering your phone number always remove your country code and input the rest e.g. +234 7031003711


Piuni technology business opportunity is a means to financial freedom though there are other means. I will like to inform you that this business is not for everybody it can only be for you

  1. If you desire to be part of the system that has been designed to eliminate poverty and transfer wealth to the next generation.
  2. If you desire to ass value to not just your own life but to the lives of people around you.
  3. If you desire a decent source of income.

It is worthy of note that Piuni is not a get rich quick scheme. In Piuni you determine how much you can earn base on your willingness to do real business. we presently earn money in Piuni by selling and sharing the Piuni business opportunity to people across the globe. You learn more about Piuni by watching the videos below 

Part 1

Part 2

At the commencing stage of this presentation we made mention of financial education right? I still remember, so to be part of this course you must 1st of all sign up with Piuni and you have do so through me or any affiliate directly in my team to be able to have access to this value of financial knowledge. I really appreciate your audience and will be glad if you share this value with your friends. Always remember to be a solution to your generation and to be that you must have to discover yourself, check on this site for a guide on how to discover yourself. 




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