Story Of An Entrepreneur Four

I am Sweety Akawo M.D. Afesupplies.  I want to thank the admin for this great opportunity to share my story. 

I am into cosmetics production.

Why cosmetics?

Cosmetics became my thing because of the amount of cash I was spending on it. And I was not getting the result I wanted. And it was made up of chemicals some harmful.  So I decided to use almost natural raw materials for my product and I started getting results.  I decided I could produce and sell so I started. And my people it was not as easy as I though. Making body lotion for myself was easy never minding the method and recipe I used. Since I was now making for sale I need preservative to increase shelf life and getting other raw materials on a large scale was not easy and very expensive. Some I had to import but I started anyway. Thanks to my family and friends they encouraged me very well some financially some words and this kept me going. Packaging for my product was very important. My friend told me Sweety you can use 50 naira to do your product but spend 1000 to package. Packaging is everything with a good package you have reduced your marketing work by 50%. I tried sourcing for packaging locally got some good ones but still not satisfied with them though. After producing MY first batch I was ready for the market. And after calculating my cost of production it was really high because of the quality and package. I was confused on the price I should set,  I took my friend along with me to some shops and market and gave sample. Some will just look and say I no want Some will advise you dont give I like your spirit. Some will say it’s too expensive but I had to sell somehow, So I allowed the Consumer set a price Of course not below my cost price and the profit was small. Angry and discouraged I met my coach and mentor He told me not to be angry I should wait until my product is well known. 

Then I can increase my price and my profit will come based on turn over, So I braced up and started again.

Marketing your product is very very important, If you don’t market it who will buy? You produce because you want to sell and most times I (you) must go market yourself. I have potential consumer in every family and all I need I to reach out to them. My products are still a work in progress because   I take feedbacks from my consumers very seroiusly. I use that to grow my business and improve my products. As a starter you have to keep learning always, in fact you unlearn somethings you already know. Above all create a niche for your business Research and innovate Be sensitive to change as the needs and wants of consumers do change.  So that you will not be stock in the past, Interact with young children and discuss your business with them you can get amazing ideas from them. Ensure you use the digital media to advertise your products, go for trainings, Interact with other startups. 

There are a whole lot of opportunities out there, Seize them.  In summary, You need family friends around you, Get them to believe in what you are doing, They are the once that will laugh at your mess encourage you and still help you up. Convincing consumers to buy your product is not easy but you have to do it somehow anyhow just make them buy. Make sure your products are very good high quality because you can only sell a bad product once.  

I hope I have encouraged some one today. 

My products are body wash

Body lotion. 

Petroleum jelly. 

Liquid dish wash. 

I raised startup capital for business from, friends and families and fools. Good fools meaning people who believe in your business idea, Did some small side businesses too to help raise capital. 


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