What is network marketing?


In the Universal Wealth System the five sources of passive income are:

*Real estate business (rent)

*Paper investment (dividend/interest)

*Automated business (Directors salary/bonus/shares)

*Intellectual property (royalty/proceeds)

*Network marketing (earnings & commissions)

Having a good Understanding of the above five sources of passive income which of them do you think will be less expensive and much easy to establish or start up with? As for me I will say network marketing is best to start from, why? Because there are good network marketing companies that one can join with as low as 200$ or even less.


Networking simply means the exchange of information or services among individual, groups, or institutions. Having this definition in mind permit me to say that life itself is networking because your body system networks for effective functioning of the body, gossiping is also networking as you’re exchanging either positive or negative information which might not even add positive value to your life and this automatically makes every living being a networker with or without their consent. Do you equally need me to tell you that reproduction is networking, eating food, passing excreta and lots more?

Today with the help of social media people network conveniently, now permit me to ask again “are you networking positively or do you just burn your data online discussing people and watching funny videos?” There is much you can do on social media than to just while away time and catch fun.

Network marketing is a school unlike other universal wealth systems and it produces the highest number of millionaires within a short space of time and is so easy to start up. Network marketing is a system that aids the distribution of goods and services directly from a company through affiliates or distributors to the end users, consumers or customers cutting off the middle men or advertising companies.



There are 4 basic steps to understanding how network marketing work and this understanding will go a long way in enabling you not to make mistake.

  1. Find a good network marketing company and join. Experience the products/services & understand how they compensate if you share the opportunity, answering below questions will enable you understand this well:
  2. What if am not able to introduce another distributor, can I market the products or services, is it on high demand?
  3. The product is it for common man, middle class or the wealthy? Is it affordable?
  4. Is there wasting of efforts on the compensation plan like flushing of points after so much hard work?


  1. Share the benefit of the products/services with everybody with much passion you derived from using the services, this will make you to get paid some commissions and bonus as you attract more customers and distributors. If the product/service is working it makes work easy for you to share as it will be like taste and see.
  2. Sponsor or enroll quality people like yourself do exactly what you are doing and get paid commission on their business activities as they earn theirs.
  3. Continue to coach them and you make yourself coachable and teachable to be able to learn from your superiors in the business as no man knows it all.

NOTE: To succeed in every business you must work hard, learn the skills from your coach (that’s why you need a good coach) and get yourself a mentor. If you need me to recommend a good network marketing company for you send me a WhatsApp message on +2347031003711 or send a mail to






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