As an Entrepreneur I’ve been able to see life from a whole new angle. I’ll ask you a question. What is a problem? I became a full time Entrepreneur in 2013. How? Simple, I quitted my day job and dived into Entrepreneurship. An like the young dude who’s just growing up and experiencing what living truly means, I spring up with an e-commerce idea and before time I’d launch my first online platform with a small team of 4 plus myself.

Back to my question. WHAT IS A PROBLEM? It’s was obvious I didn’t digest this question thoroughly before diving into Entrepreneurship. A lot of us believe Entrepreneurship is same as business. So you call yourself a businessman or woman. To draw your mind to reality an Entrepreneur is far from a businessman.
Lucky for me and my small team we got funding in 2015 from an NGO, I believe some of us are aware of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. I was part of the maiden edition of the programme. And we danced to the joy and started purchasing and setting up office space. We simply didn’t know the fact that an ENTREPRENEUR IS A PROBLEM SOLVER. A BUSINESSMAN IS A PROFIT SEEKER.
If your business today is built based on profit seeking alone, I assure you, your distance to failure lurks by.
After setting up a very beautiful office, we launched to looking for the profit, Frustrations and several challenges of Entrepreneurship sets in. We were rarely prepared. Our nightmare started when we ran short of funding based on the standard we had launched with. Our financial projections were too close and we forgot to space when this profit should start coming in.

Let me tell u a simple truth a have learnt all my life. If you focus on solving a problem, profit will seek you. The basic reason why money was created in the first place was to be used to solve problems. So why see money as a goal. Money is a means to a goal not the goal itself. I learnt that discipline as an Entrepreneur must be in my front row. So I take every opportunity to be more disciplined. Show me a failed business I will show you an Entrepreneur with a non challant attitude.
My funding for my startup became dried, the team became worn-out as they all expected quick returns (I did too) because after examining our business plan, we thought nothing could go wrong, we’re in the billions we thought.
As an Entrepreneur don’t ever give up. But less I forget, Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. If u can’t withstand a no, if u can’t withstand”get out of here am not interested” if you don’t love what you do. If your dreams don’t make u shiver and sleepless, my friend go look for a good job. Nothing is wrong in getting a job by the way. It got to an extent I started sleeping in my office, just to be able to meet our company target. No one will understand the pain u will go through until your crown arrives.

Some startup their businesses and ignore planning, or plan insufficiently. Sit-down and draw a plan. Don’t assume you know it all.
Also, very importantly, value strangers in your business, they are the once who will believe in you and bring in the profit. Don’t stop learning new things. A good Entrepreneur learns, unlearn and relearn.
I will not say our venture has arrived, but we are aware that after every tunnel there’s a light. Just keep believing, keep doing your best, be open minded and your light will surely shine.
I wish we had more time to digest here, but I know every Entrepreneur first learns how to learn and from there life will start aligning. So are you thinking of giving up? Don’t dare, the gold might just be few metre away
Thank you and wish you great success in all your honest endeavours!

By Fidelis (

Thank you.


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