Internet is an interconnection of networks which was given birth to by group of scientist during various phases of internet birth stage with Vint Cerf and his colleague Robert E. Kahn widely known as the father of the internet. Internet came and changed the world in which many including the governments will believe that internet is one of the best things that has ever happened to the world not disputing that there has been recorded crimes on the internet. Internet came and changed the way humans has been doing things and also made life easy, created job opportunities for many, and is still creating. The era of writing letter has phased out with the advent of electronic mail. The era of sending emails to individual is gradually phasing out with the advent of instant messengers. The world is now a global community, whereby we can socialize, meet new friends, share feelings and spread news (whether good or bad) through a platform that has no content called facebook, at this government owned newspapers which resort to feeding citizens with lies and deceit is turned down because the whole truth is being uploaded by an eye witness for the whole world to see which automatically makes everybody a reporter.

Internet if not mistaken has served Our people better than their government. It has provided more opportunities than the oil money which is being squandered by the greedy government. Do I need to mention some opportunities created by the internet? Do you know of naira bet? Konga? Jumia? Business centers? Programmers? Bloggers? V loggers? Comedians who will not have been heard if not for internet? If not for internet you wouldn’t have had access to this piece of information.

Internet has adopted our daily activities, digitalized it thereby breaking many natural barriers.


🌿Transportation, you can now book and cancel flight from the comfort of your home with your internet enabled mobile phone. You can also call up the service of a sane driver who is not a tout to take you to your desired destination without the stress of the street touts called agbero through Uber or Piuni Uride. Hotels and hospitalities; this has also been integrated into the internet, from your county you can pay for a comfortable hotel for lodging in another country through and Piuni U-travel


🌿What happens to buying and selling? Importation has been made easy that you can get connected to manufacturers in china through online platform make your request and the shipment will be made for you delivered to your destination without your physical presence. A final consumer can from the comfort of his home shop online on amazon, konga, jiji, Alibaba eBay and the likes and get his desired goods and services delivered at his doorstep, this online buy and sell we call E-commerce.


🌿 Telecommunication sector is a great booming industry on its own, have you ever think of what it will be on the internet? A lot of companies are making money from the internet through telecommunications, we talk of inter switch through mobile top up,, empessa, Azimo, Piuni and some other local champs. All these companies are regionalized except Piuni which created a platform for individuals to benefit globally from telecommunication sector and all other aspects of internet activities.

In conclusion I will bring to your knowledge the purpose of this article as some might not know, my reason is to bring to your knowledge that you can actually make money from what you might have been looking down on. Do you own a business or a company? You can register with some of these ecommerce industries and become their supplier if you’re dealing on quality products? If you can drive and you have a very clean car but don’t want to be seen as a local driver you can register with Piuni Uride and with your smart phone get an alert whenever someone needs your service. If you don’t have a business or don’t have enough money to start a business but you’re coachable, and have a smartphone, get connected to the right people and turn yourself into a millionaire.

This article is open for corrections, contribution and criticism as no man is a compendium of knowledge, I have only aired my view you can also air yours through the comment box, for personal contact with me check the contact page of this site



  1. Your post is very enlightening and the level of encouragements as to starting a business against all odds is applaudable. Well done.

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