Are you looking for unique business opportunity online? Business that has the capacity to set you financially free for the rest of your life? You are in the right place, what if I tell you that there is still opportunity for you to invest in Mobile Technology and Telecommunications and also have access to benefit from over 57,000 different services? I am here to show you exactly what you need. I am a brand Associate to a global company that deals on distributing Mobile Technology services as well as Telecommunication services with an Advanced E-commerce platform.
What are these services?
The services include access to mobile top-up around the world rendering service for over 600 different networks (which exposes partners to  getting paid when they recharge, getting paid when others use their link to recharge, getting paid when others recharge on Piuni platform).
Piuni has bill payment platform where you can pay for electricity, water, transport, education, groceries, TV, Internet, insurance, loans, you can pay with credit card, for games, Gas, hospital bills, toll gate, you can even transfer money on our platform. With Piuni you can earn as much as $400 to $1200 daily depending on your individual ability.
Simple to use and can powerfully generate massive income as people make call on their mobile phones.
Residual income all the way meaning keep getting money even while you’re sleeping.
The system pays daily.
There’s no monthly target- it is your business run it your own way and style.
Selling is not a must.
Ground floor opportunity- This business is new so we have equal opportunity remember I told you 143 countries? So you can choose to expand to different countries of your choice.
No Autoship- People in network marketing will understand this one better, Yes you don’t have to be buying goods every month to meet up.
You can have up to seven(7) accounts. We have packages for students, low income earners, high income earners, serious and huge investors. So you wouldn’t say is only for big men.
I don’t know if you have ever observed that there are some business you don’t need persuasion or conviction to sell e.g airtime recharge, data subscriptions, Dstv recharge and many more. Have someone ever begged you to join facebook?
Have you heard In Nigeria alone we have a population of over 180million with more than 150 million active mobile lines? That means more than 80% of the population is a potential affiliate, agent or customer.
Piuni is a Global Technology brand that provides platform for service rendering aroud the world, the services we render can be categorized into
Telecommunications services
Mobile Technology Services
Hotels and Travels
Financial services

Permit me to site an example with Nigeria when GSM came to Nigeria Telecommunication business started. The first set of people that sold the recharge card made high income from the business then the voucher was in higher denomination. Do I need to tell you about those who invested by MTN by purchasing its franchise? It was sold for 250k, at a point 500k, there was a time it sold for 5m, but now with 15m you can’t buy MTN franchise which is just 1 network and Piuni is giving opportunity to leverage in 600 different networks with 57,000 other merchant services to benefit from. Is good you know that MTN make their highest sell in Nigeria through Piuni and on December 2016 commended Piuni Technology for the kind of sales drive Piuni drive for them as non of her distributor has ever generated such sale. Imagine such commendation coming at the pre-launch, what will now happen after the launch? Giant Telecom companies make huge money from Africa most especially from Nigeria, research to get knowledge on how much ding.com is making monthly from Nigeria alone, same goes for M-pesa that is just active in Kenya.
Don’t sit and watch people live the life of their dream, because I have actually showed you the way.
Do you wish to do business but wish to know the secret of making it in the business? I will tell you the secret is the people you work with and your mindset.
In this business there are 9 different ways to earn but I wouldn’t be listing it here for you, upon registration you will have access to the earning process.
Remember our business is global brand and we don’t actually beg people to join, we only introduce the opportunity and is now up to the individual to decide whether or not to benefit from people’s daily activities globally or to continue earn monthly salary or any other preferable means. Like I said earlier we will personally groom you if you choose to business.
Basic Affiliate Package
Premium Affiliate Package
Entrepreneur Package 
Upon Registration You get
1. Access to our unique platform and marketing tools to retail our services.
2. Basic gets unlimited retail credit stock and $10 complementary voucher while Premium gets unlimited retail credit stock and $40 complementary voucher. For Entrepreneur pack ask me when you sign up.
3. Earns all bonuses and commissions as per compensation plan.
4. Earns 20 binary pairs daily in 2 cycles for basic and premium earns 40 binary pairs daily in 2 cycles.
There’s always an opportunity all you need to do is link up with the right people to get connected.
See you at the top.

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