What is Ponzi scheme? It is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator (an individual or organization) pays to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors rather than from profit earned through legitimate investments or business activities, which actually means the investment company in quote rub’s Peter to pay Paul.

Many people have invested in these schemes and have regretted it, some went to the extend of taking their lives due to unbelievable disappointment while others are still cut up in the web with the innocent ones as victims. But the truth is that Ponzi Scheme create more problems than it solve. This is because Ponzi scheme doesn’t sell anything, they have no value added benefits and they take from one side, which is willing to provide help(whatever that means) to the other side, who is willing to get help. When side A gets enough help and is able to solve his problem, he suddenly stops providing help, he is sanctioned by being blocked, as if he cares, with all the millions he has made, and someone else takes his place.

With time, helpers will shrink and those in need of help will grow ever bigger and the system gradually collapses. No product, no services, no value…lots of miseries, tears and anguish. Ask your friends who did Ponzi, they will tell you more. Ponzi scheme from all that I know is a get rich quick scheme with no apologies to those who find it appealing and the companies into it have no product or services to render.


Piuni is a certified and registered online Technology business with proven system and procedures. Piuni has a unique compensation plan for it’s partners who trade on well defined technology business. Piuni to an elite can be likened to Amazon, Ebay, Jumia, Walmart, Alibaba, Konga, interswtich, QuickTellers, Ding.com, wakanow.com, hotels.ng and many other online platforms we are familiar with. Piuni transcends national borders and shrinks the world into a codified system that provides value added services. Piuni pays handsomely to her affiliates for facilitating sales globally.

Piuni survive on the profits she makes from merchants who use Piuni platform to retail goods and services. Piuni shares up to 90%  of her profits with her registered and committed affiliates or partners.  In this company retailing is defined as the process of promoting the selling of goods and services online and offline, with the aim of earning commissions from every successful sale.

For example, Mr. Adesina is an affiliate, based in Nigeria  and he intends to retail his services using Piuni Ubills online system, lets assume his Ubills link is ubills.net/cikamorah, from his base in Nigeria he can choose to promotes his link on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube which can enable Mr Tchan from Indonesia to see the link, possibly Ms. Lian from Taiwan can also see it, as they and hundreds of online users clicks on Mr. Adesina’s link to get access to the website and purchased any product or service of their choice they can generate sales of over $10,000 in which Mr. Adesina will make 5% of the whole some. In line with Piuni’s policy about 9 business partners get paid from each business transaction.

In Piuni not only do we sell genuine products and services, we do so in partnerships with well-known and world-renowned brands that naturally attracts patronage. Our platform appeals to over 50,000 merchants, who realize that being on Piuni platform provides them with the avenue to reach more customers, whilst spending less on advertorials and logistics.



Making a decision to partner with this big company(Piuni) was so easy for me as this has been an opportunity I have been looking for on the internet since the day I had of affiliate program from a Seminar I attended as an undergraduate. Piuni has indeed added great value to me not just monetarily but also relationship-wise, I come to connect with great men of vision,  learn best life philosophies from great leaders and above all I have discovered myself and I now have the right approach to life. Within a little space of time I have transformed from being a mere graduate to wealth creation coach helping young people discover the right approach to life just like my Piuni Mentors are teaching me.


Piuni is the only global business at the moment that has the right sense of business judgment as that’s the meaning of the word ‘PIUNI’.

As for the definition PIUNI IS AN EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS THAT HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO ELIMINATE POVERTY AND TRANSFER WEALTH TO THE ONCOMING GENERATION.  We can’t have this kind of exceptional offer, first of it’s kind and allow it to slip by due to lack of knowledge. We know the value of what we have, strongly building the vision that’s why the likes of me and other co-affiliates take it upon ourselves to bring this good news to the uninformed.

Piuni has created a system through technology whereby customers get value for what they’re purchasing and an investor like me and you (if you wish) will leverage on the customer’s global activities. Connect through the above site to learn more or contact me personally check contact from the site menu.

#Becreative# Beinnovative  #Staypositive


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