LIFE is an adventure why not take a tour? It costs you nothing to make attempt rather you learn a whole new lot. The more you embark on adventure the more you discover yourself as it molds you into viewing things from a different perspective. It creates the stronger, wiser, more creative, productive and innovative you.

Great achievement starts from the mind, so why not set yourself up that limitation to be able to achieve the new you, you have make a move and re-position your mind towards who and what you want to become. Your past is no longer an issue, your age is not an issue so long as your mind is made up to welcome new innovations.

Let me share with you the story of the sheep-lion, the sheep-lion is a lion who was given birth to by a real wounded loin that had an encounter with a hunter before giving up. The hunter took the cub lion and gave to his shepherd brother, this lion grew with sheep eating grass and feeling like a sheep because his mind and environment fashioned him to believe so. Most times they will run from an animal called lion, sheep-lion will also join the sheep to run because he believes in his mind that he is a sheep not until one day he went to the stream with the sheep to drink water, what he saw inside the water changed his perception about himself as he saw so much similarity between himself and that animal they normally run away from and this made sheep-lion summon courage and went up to the lion who welcomed him as one of their own. From that very moment sheep-lion discovered himself he seized to live the life of fear, limitations and inferiority.

You have the power to take charge of life which can only be achieved by discovery you’re only a click away from.

Yes you can achieve all that you want in life just by joining the right group …..

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  1. Love the story and the analogy! Thanks for sharing!!


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